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Ave Maria Palliative Care (Hospice)

Most people hope to die at home, peacefully in their sleep but due to life-threatening illnesses like cancer, kidney failure, liver failure, dementia or respiratory diseases, this hope does not become a reality for many. The final stages of such debilitating conditions pose multiple challenges for patients and their families. In addition to the physical discomforts such as excruciating pain, open wounds, nausea, vomiting, breathlessness, sleep problems and so on, the patients as well as their families often struggle with psychological and spiritual issues. image logo4
      Caring for someone with a terminal illness requires a combination of compassion and competence. For example, when the cancer is eating away at the impacted organs and there is seepage from lesions that do not heal easily, it becomes a challenge for the family. Patients require professional wound care and constant monitoring for pain and other symptoms which is not possible in home settings.  A hospice with its multidisciplinary low-tech, high touch approach becomes an ideal abode of caring and compassion for such patients and
      Guided by divine providence and inspired by hands-on experience, Dr. Lavina Noronha, Prof. Rita Noronha, Prof. Clement D’Souza and Mr. Harold Naveen D’Souza joined hands to respond to the growing need for palliative care services in the community which culminated in the establishment of Ave Maria Palliative Care in 2007. We are thankful to the selfless sacrifices of nurses and caregivers who have been able to provide 24x7 care and comfort to patients in their final days of life. patcare


  • A two-story building in a serene and scenic location in Vamanjoor, overlooking the city of Mangalore and the Arabian sea.
  • Fifteen double occupancy bedrooms with attached bath and balcony
  • Fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, conference room and chapel
  • Fully staffed 24x7 nursing station
  • Mortuary unit and power generators
  • Trained doctors/nurses and nurses' training programs
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